Wednesday, December 19, 2007

She's Growing Up


Selene was invited to her first Birthday Party! She and Caitlan, who's birthday it was, go the same daycare. The party was Princess theme'd and this is right up Selene's alley! She LOVES her Disney Princess's.
The day was filled with dress up (in various frilly dresses, shoes and crowns), jumping in the blow up trampolene, crafts, and food! She had a grand time.
There were 2 special guests! Cinderella and Prince Charming. All of the children were sitting on the mat watching. When they entered Selene was so excited! She was thrilled to finally see Cinderella in person! Her enthusiasm, joy, and excitement could not be contained. She ran up to the Princess, giving her a big hug.
Cinderella and Prince Charming sang to the children, danced, and then spent time with the birthday girl. Then they mingled with the other attendee's. Being that Selene loves to dance and twirl, she asked Cinderella to dance with her. This will be a moment she does not soon forget! Selene was too shy to ask Prince Charming to dance with her. (Little did I know she had a shy streak as she has never shown it before, LOL)
As the day wore on, all of the children who were full of excitment and sugar, began to get a little fussy. It was our time to leave. For only being 3 years old, Selene used her best manners. But we have a little way to do with her understanding that not ALL birthday parties are hers.
I was just browsing through some albums of her baby pictures and am amazed at how fast she is growing up. She will start her formal education in 2 years. So we need to take advantage of the present, before it flies by and we miss it!
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