Friday, December 7, 2007


The big countdown to Christmas has begun for everyone I think! Time is whizzing by and I am caught up in the pre-holiday tornado like everyone else.

We are heading to California for the holidays. Our grand-daughters other grand-parents live in San Jose. It is time for her to spend some time and get to see and know the rest of her family. Since plane fare is so ridiculous, we are taking the train. It will take us approximately 24 hours to get there, but we can sit back and leave the driving to others. It is a quick trip, only 5 days. There is as much family in California for her as here in Washington. Hopefully this will be the first trips for her. Her grand-parents has made several trips up here to see her, including her great-grand-mother on one. Our Washington Christmas will be celebrated after we return. Santa will be leaving Selene's presents here as well as visiting her in San Jose.

Besides planning the holiday trip, we have been busy creating our own presents. One year when we were short on funds, we bought very few gifts and made the rest! It was so joyful to make a personal gift, embellishing it with items we knew the person liked. And the sight of seeing them use it during the year made our hearts warm and fuzzy.

I have 6 fellow nurses in the office I work at and a front office staff of 5. My Bind-It-All has been getting a workout! I created 4x4 journal for each. Their initials are attached to a slide mount that was colored with alcohol inks. Printer paper was just too thin for the actual pages, so we cut thin white cardstock to fill them. The covers were decorated with papers that the store had on clearance and were 5.$1.00. Can't beat that price!

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My brother and sister-in-law always carry a notebook to jot things down in, so they are receiving journals as well. These are a little bigger, 5x7.

Between family, home, work and crafting, I have not taken time to come up for air. Hopefully things will calm down a little after the holidays.

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