Monday, January 7, 2008

Life After the Holidays

Whew! While our trip to San Jose, California was awesome, there is no place like home!
I was leary on taking a 3 year old on a 24 hour train ride from Tacoma to San Jose, but those feelings are now a thing of the past. I couldn't have asked for more. Selene was wonderful. She enjoyed looking out the windows, watching people get on and off the train, and was fascinated by the sliding doors between train cars.

Before we left, like many others that travel with young children, I packed a backpack with assorted items. Gel pens, paper, crayons, coloring book, new McDonald Happy Meal Toys, and a few snacks, one being CocoaPuffs.

We did pack the laptop to watch DVD's, but the battery didn't hold out. And of course, the train car we were in did not have an electrical outlet. But that wasn't a problem at all. There were enough things to keep Selene occupied.

I, myself, was not too keen on the train ride, but with the price of airfare and hubby really wanting to try the rails, we set off on our journey. Low and behold, I really enjoyed it. No traffic to deal with, waiting at the airport for 2 hours before a flight, cramped airline seats, and keeping a small child in a seat the entire way. While the trip through the Siskiyou Mountain Range at night was not impressive, on the return trip it was breathtaking! Best of all, I wasn't driving in it!

We did learn that we do not want to travel in Coach Seats next time. We will be using a sleeping car. They are equipped with electrical plugs, beds, and all meals are included.

Train food is better than airline food I have to say. We ate in the Dining car for 2 meals and found it to be a tad expensive, but not earth shattering. We did carry on some snacks for our return trip. Including a portable cooler bag for sodas.

Now for the holiday. We had taken the trip to San Jose for Selene to spend the holiday with her father and her other grandparents. There was a gathering of the family at Great Grandma's house, so we were introduced to numerous family members. And the warm welcomes just kept on coming. Selene was on her best behavior, using all of her manners. I was amazed at her actions. She was great, and I am so proud of her. Of course, she was spoiled rotten, but that was what the trip was all about, for her family to meet and get to know her.

She wants to know when our next trip to "Calibunga" is. She knows it is far, far away, but wants to go again. We are in the process of planning Disneyland for November of 2009.

We arrived home to rain and winds. But there really is no place like home.

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